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Big Cat Diary - Series 1 on BBC 2 All This Week
Author: Asilia Africa
Big Cat Diary - Series 1 on BBC 2 All This WeekAll this week set your decoder to record and re-watch Series 1 of Big Cat Diary, the programme that made the UK safari crazy, following the lives of the big cats from the heart of Kenya’s Maasai Mara. Airing all this week at 3.45pm on BBC 2, series 1 follows the Marsh Pride of lions and is sure to once again capture the nations’ hearts.

With tourism being such a key to wildlife conservation across the country holiday-makers can head to one of Kenya’s fantastic 59 national parks and conservancies containing more wildlife habitats than anywhere in the world. Kenya is undoubtedly the home of safari – from the iconic Maasai Mara, famous for the annual wildebeest migration to the stunning Mount Kenya and vast Lake Nakuru there are so many opportunities to experience Kenya’s wildlife first hand.

The abundance of wildlife across the country has led to the country being host not just to the Big Cat Diary but a host of other wildlife documentaries including Disney Nature’s African Cats, The Truth About Lions, the BBC’s Planet Earth Live and David Attenborough’s Africa series.

Where better to experience safari than at the home of Big Cat Diary presenter, Jonathan Scott:
‘I am proud to call Kenya my home, I have lived here for nearly 40 years and married my sweetheart Angela in 1992. The Maasai Mara is our second home…and we know the Marsh Lions better than we do many of our human friends. At night we lie in bed and listen to their thunderous roars echoing across the plains. The joys of safari are one reason why so many visitors fall in love with Kenya and long to return.’

Our very own Jackson Looseyia was chosen as a presenter for the series. Jackson has an intimate knowledge of all the wildlife in the Mara from the smallest insect to the largest predators, but the big cats are his particular favourites. especially the elusive leopard which Jackson describes as "an animal work of art".

To read more about Jackson's involvement please click HERE>