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Guide Blog: Magical Tarangire
Author: Lewis Mangaba, Oliver's Head Guide & Walking Guide
Guide Blog: Magical TarangireMeet our Head Guide & Walking Guide at Oliver's Camp: Lewis Mangaba. Lewis is a highly respected walking guide with unwavering passion and genuine enthusiasm for African people, wildlife and conservation. When you meet him it is easy to see why! On this blog Lewis shares his passion and enthusiasm with us!

There was nobody in that gap toothed wilderness. Not a sign of civilization except for our two Land Cruisers. As the Cruisers came to a halt, fine dust of red earth rose in clouds behind us.

Down the path remembered and communicated over generations. The Matriarch led her family   leisurely strolling past us in all shapes and sizes like so many boulders.

Tarangire National Park is known the world over for their elephants. The park is home to many African elephants per square kilometer than anywhere else in the world. Elephants learn what to eat by sampling food items from the mouths of their relatives.
Elephant families walk in close proximity of each other, providing care and reassurance to infants and calves.

Our morning drives in the park always have something special. This time we came across two lionesses and three cubs at the side of the road. The cubs got curious and came close to the vehicles to check it out while playing with old elephant dung. Its future, like that of other lions elsewhere hangs in balance.

The magical Tarangire light make even such sightings like this Black faced monkey to still the moment.

Karibu sana,