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Migration Monday Update - 10 March 2014
Author: Joe du Plessis, Head Guide at Asilia Africa
Migration Monday Update - 10 March 2014It's Migration Monday! Welcome to this week's update on the Wildebeest Migration. Our photo this week comes from our Ubuntu Camp guides, and shows a lovely photo of a good group of giraffes out in the open plains. In the back round you can see the zebras and wildebeest herds; great pic guys thanks a lot!

This last week and up to now, the herds have done a bit of moving into different areas, probably following rain and also because Ndutu and the NCA (Ngorongoro Conservation Area), have not had much rain this past week, but it seems they had a bit of rain up towards Ndutu.

Ubuntu Camp reports that the herds in their area and around camp have moved on a bit, they still have some smaller groups around their camp and the valley in front of their camp, but a lot of the bigger herds have moved into Maswa Game Reserve area, which is very close to Ubuntu.

Olakira Camp and Dunia Camp have reported that some of the big herds who were around Ndutu have moved further up North and at the moment can be found in the Moru area of the Serengeti - which is more Central Serengeti - probably as it has not rained much in the Ndutu and NCA areas. Dunia guides also reported that last week the herds were around the Simiyu River moving towards the Simiyu Woodland, heading towards Moru, so by now they might have already reached the Moru Area.

Till next week!
Joe du Plessis, Head Guide Asilia