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Migration Monday Update - 11 Nov 2013
Author: Joe du Plessis, Head Guide at Asilia Africa
Migration Monday Update - 11 Nov 2013This past week has really been full of surprises concerning the Serengeti Wildebeest Migration. The most surprising news was that after some wonderful rainfall in the Northern Serengeti, hundreds of thousand of wildebeest turned back from their route South and went back to the Northern Serengeti region and the Mara River, Sayari Camp once again had wonderful Wildebeest crossing action as thousands of Wildebeest once again crossed the Mara river and is now in the Lamai plains between Tanzania and Kenya. A real surprise and treat as they will again see good crossings when those herds come back South again...

The migration is really now spread over a huge area as the Wildebeest keep following rain patterns. Word from our guides in Dunia Camp - situated in the Moru area of Central Serengeti - is that there are also still good herds of wildebeest around Nyasirori towards Kirawira but also still around the Ikoma circuit and Togora Plain as well as towards the Lobo Hills. Till next week!