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Migration Monday Update - 12 May 2014
Author: Hamza and Patena
Migration Monday Update - 12 May 2014Migration Monday, that means it’s time for our weekly update on the whereabouts of the Great Migration! As our Head Guide Joe is enjoying some well-deserved time off, over the coming weeks your weekly fix will come from us, Hamza and Patena. We are both guides at Dunia Camp. 

Last week the wildebeest and zebra were still mostly around the Moru area. However, we have noticed over the past days that the migration is now slowly heading towards the Western Corridor. There are still a few groups around the Moru area though, and some are heading to the Maswa Game Reserve. We have heard that the Maswa area is still getting some rain lately, so that explains why the herds are moving there as well. The wildebeest and zebra are always closely followed by their predators in the currently tall grasses. During one of our game drives we saw two lionesses with seven cubs that had a kill at Gong Rock Moru area. We also spotted a leopard that was hunting a young wildebeest calf at the Gong Rock area.

Keep an eye out for the next update!

Hamza and Patena.