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Migration Monday Update - 23 Dec 2013
Author: Joe du Plessis, Head Guide at Asilia Africa
Migration Monday Update - 23 Dec 2013Migration Monday!

Hi all, and welcome once again to this week's wildebeest migration update. Rainfall in the center and southern short grass plains of the Serengeti National Park has been less this week compared to last week, although there was some showers around the mlima matiti area Ndutu.

Word from central Serengeti and the Moru areas are that the Wildebeest herds which were there last week have moved further South towards the boundary of the park and the Ndutu area. This is where they are now situated; Moru might get a few more herds coming through as the remainder of the migration moves from the Western Corridor.

Ubuntu Camp, situated in Kakessio Ngorongoro Conservation Area (NCA), has reported that the first few herds are about 10km away from their camp... Calving season for the Wildebeest are almost upon us and in about another month or so the Ndutu, Piyaya and the NCA will be full of little new born calves, a magical time of the year not to be missed!

Till next week, and wishing you all a very Merry Christmas!
Joe Du Plessis