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Migration Monday Update - 24 March 2014
Author: Joe du Plessis, Head Guide at Asilia Africa
Migration Monday Update - 24 March 2014Migration Monday!

Hi all and welcome to this weeks migration update, our photos this week comes from our resident guide Nathan, based in Olakira Camp in Ndutu, and shows some very nice lush bush with storm clouds building,Ndutu has had some good heavy rains again this past week.

Olakira reports that there are still good numbers of Wildebeest in their Ndutu campsite area, and that they dont have to travel far to find the herds, the last weeks rain has also helped keep the wildebeest in the area, most if not all of the new calfs have not been born, as they have not witnessed any new calfs born for several weeks now.

Ubuntu Camp has moved from the Kakesio/NCA area and have now already set up their camp in a new area called Nyankoromo in the Western Corridor of the Serengeti, they report that the site is really nice with a great view and lots of shady trees. They have seen some small resident herds of Wildebeest in their area, but it wont be until another month and a half before the migration arrives in that area.

Dunia Camp in Moru, central Serengeti reports that they have had a lot of Zebra moving into they area and some wildebeest herds have crossed in front of their camp, but the main herds are still found on the Southern plains !

Till next week!
Joe du Plessis, Head guide Asilia Africa