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Migration Monday Update - 26 May 2014
Author: Asilia Africa
Migration Monday Update - 26 May 2014This week’s Great Migration update comes from our guides at Dunia Camp.

We have been told that the wildebeest migration has now reached the Western corridor but we still have a good number wildebeest at Serena plain. There are also plenty of zebra hanging around the camp - all the way from the Moru area to Seronera and then also down to the Western Serengeti.

Our guides have informed us that the short rains from last week coupled with the good weather they are having now have made predator sightings much more prominent. A number of leopards were spotted, a male was seen killing a Thomson buck and dragging it up a tree for a feast! The pride of lion at Nyuma ya Lodge were spotted with 2 large males and 4 young cubs being seen.

Keep your eyes open for next week’s Migration update and let us know if you have anything to add!