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Migration Monday Update - 29 April 2014
Author: Joe du Plessis, Head Guide at Asilia Africa
Migration Monday Update - 29 April 2014Hello, and welcome to this week's Wildebeest Migration update!

Similar to last week's update the wildebeest herds are still situated in the Central Serengeti. They are in and around the Seronera Valley with the rest of the herds, slowly making their way up from the Southern Plains of the Serengetio National Park. Dunia Camp - in the Moru area - reported that some herds have moved through the Eastern side of the Moru area to join with the groups in Seronera.

The guides report that some of the groups are already heading up towards Ikoma and the Western Corridor of the Serengeti; it won't be long from now as in just over a month and a half they should slowly start arriving in the Kogatende area, in the Northern Serengeti.

Hope you enjoy our updates, and let us know if you ever have additional information of the whereabouts of the zebra & wildebeest!

Joe du Plessis - Head Guide