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Migration Monday Update - 30 Dec 2013
Author: Joe du Plessis, Head Guide at Asilia Africa
Migration Monday Update - 30 Dec 2013Migration Monday! Hi everyone and welcome to another 'Migration Monday' update on the happenings and whereabouts of the Wildebeest Migration.

With most of the Wildebeest now within the Ndutu, Ngorongoro Conservation Area, they are still following weather and rain patterns. In Moru, Serengeti National Park Dunia Camp has not seen any Wildebeest in their area for more than a week now; the herds that did move through the area did it very quickly and the guides say that it was much faster than previous years.

News From the Ngorongoro Conservation Area and both Olakira Camp and Ubuntu Camp is that the big groups of Wildebeest are in the Ndutu/Kusini areas (border between Serengeti and the NCA), as well as the big plains above the Small and Big Marsh/Ndutu. The entire Ndutu area however has not had any rain for the entire week and things are looking dry and dusty, for this reason some herds of wildebeest are moving slightly North again and some guides recon that if it continues not raining for this week they might even reach Moru again as its raining there and things are looking greener.

Our guides in Olakira Camp and Ubuntu Camp have also seen some early births and some very small baby Wildebeest, meaning that some females are dropping their calves early, some of these calves have also died and provided good scavenge opportunities for eagles and vultures.

The Ubuntu Camp area is also a very good place to see Wild Dogs this time of the year and the guides and their guests have already seen sightings of a pack of 13 dogs close to camp, and another group of 4 dogs near the Matiti area, they make good use of the food availability this time of the year with the Wildebeest and their calves.

Watch this space for more updates next week, and where to see the migration!

Joe du Plessis, Head Guide