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Ruaha blog: Lions of Ruaha
Author: Akil Halai & Ryan Green
Ruaha blog: Lions of RuahaIn the latest Ruaha Blog article, Akil Halai, Field Operations Coordinator for Asilia Tanzania shares with us information on the lions of Ruaha. He introduces us to the many different prides of Ruaha and shares special images of many of the lions who form these prides.

Lions (Panthera leo – local name: Simba) are the only felines that form social groups called prides. All other cats are solitary hunters.Prides are often described as matriarchal because more females belong to a pride, they remain long-term members, and they live longer than male lions. The life of a male lion is socially more precarious than that of a female lion. Males must win their way into a pride of females and once they do, they must fend off challenges from males outside the pride who try to take their place.

If you would like to read more and see the stunning photographs that accompany this post please take a moment and visit our Ruaha Blog and read the article there.