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Spectacular Pangolin Sighting!
Author: Asilia Africa
Spectacular Pangolin Sighting!This week we welcomed our very first guests to Namiri Plains; Mr. John Mills and Ms. Jacqueline Field — our new pioneer camp in the remote eastern corner of the Serengeti.

While on a walking safari at Namiri Plains they came across one of our continent’s shiest and most rare creatures—the pangolin. Since pangolins are nocturnal, few have ever been seen during the day and almost never at such close quarters. This is by far one of Asilia’s most unusual sightings in 2014

Pangolins are mammals and are found in both Africa and Asia. They are also known as scaly anteaters and are unique in the sense that their skin is covered in large keratin scales; no other known mammal has this adaptation.
In both Africa and the Far East pangolin scales are prized for their powerful healing and restorative properties and sadly this has led to these harmless creatures also sharing a place on the endangered species list.
Pangolins feed on insects late at night and spend their days in deep burrows underground. The name, ‘pangolin’, is derived from the Malay word “pengguling”, which loosely translates to “something that rolls up”. The hard scales of the pangolin contribute to about 20% of its total body weight and when threatened, it will protect its soft underbelly by curling up into a tight, almost impenetrable ball. This posture is only released when the animal is 100% sure that the danger is well and truly over.

What a truly memorable sighting this must have been and what a wonderful way for our Namiri team to kick off their very first season! We hope to have many more increadible sightings such as this one with our future guests!

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