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The Lions of the Serengeti
Author: Asilia Africa
The Lions of the SerengetiThe Serengeti is a vast ecosystem, encompassing thousands of miles of harsh wilderness. Perhaps the wildest part surrounds Namiri Plains; here is where the big cats truly roam.

They say that cats have nine lives, but they don’t say that about the Serengeti lion. Life is hard and precarious on this unforgiving landscape. Not far from camp are majestic kopjes; outcrops of rock that are hundreds of millions of years old. These are home to some of the large lion prides that dominate the area.

To get a better feel for the hard life of these lions have a look at the National Geographic Magazine article which was written by David Quammen and Michael "Nick" Nich here>

Or even better, come and immerse yourself in this spectacular wilderness and visit Namiri Plains Camp!