About Asilia Africa

Asilia Africa is committed to delivering the best wilderness experience in Africa. Our personal service and outstanding guiding offer safaris that make a lasting impression. Our 19 properties are positioned within iconic natural habitats in Kenya and Tanzania to give you an unparalleled and honest safari experience.

Asilia believes in safeguarding the pristine habitats that support Africa’s increasingly threatened wildlife. We aim to ensure the viability of these habitats – such as the vast Serengeti-Mara ecosystem – so that the wild animals that have always lived here survive and thrive. We make bold and often pioneering investments into ecologically fragile areas with a view to turning them into sustainable economies. We believe that people and nature are inseparable partners on this journey; our goal is to make a lasting difference everywhere we work. Your journey matters – both to us and to the unspoiled wilderness it helps to sustain.


Around East Africa


Our camps cover prime positions around the whole of the migration route


We empower crucial wilderness areas in East Africa, benefiting people and nature alike

“Asilia shares a passion in creating unforgettable Africa experiences for our guests.”

Our Approach


Asilia believes that world-class travel can – and must – go hand in hand with improving livelihoods and conserving nature. Our beautiful camps and lodges are in some of the most special places on earth – places we want to safeguard for the future. We strive to transform whole areas from crucial fragile natural habitats with often impoverished communities into lasting conservation economies. Our aim is to effectively protect wildlife while providing opportunities for local people to prosper.

Pioneering tourism

Asilia’s portfolio boasts properties in the some of the most famous wildlife areas in the world. But we take special pride in pioneering tourism in areas where it has had little foothold before. These areas – such as Rubondo Island and the Mara Naboisho Conservancy – offer you unique wildlife experiences: here you have the sense of being an explorer discovering the unknown. These areas also increase the size of land as a nature and wildlife destination, whilst creating economic opportunity in areas that were typically marginal before.

Of course, the line between ‘proven’ and pioneering’ areas is ever changing. Few people know that the Northern Serengeti area, nowadays recognised as the best area the park has to offer, had no tourism presence whatsoever for the decade prior to Asilia launching Sayari Camp in 2005. This was after intense cooperation with Tanzania’s National Park authorities to make the area ready for high-end ecotourism and its positive impacts.

Ultimately, this pioneering approach can transform unknown areas into new Serengetis or Okavangos.

Eco standards

Any lasting positive impact must ultimately begin with oneself. Our camps and logistics answer to the highest standards of ecotourism. This means that we buy locally where possible. That we are a caring employer, offering our staff opportunities to grow. It means we reduce our footprint by limiting fossil fuel and using sustainable energy sources such as the sun, recycling water and reducing waste. The rest of our carbon footprint is offset by our support of local forestation projects.

Your involvement

We believe that for habitats to thrive it is essential to include all stakeholders.  And so we collaborate with tourism partners, local communities, local authorities, game control entities and NGOs to work on key priorities for each ecosystem. We invite you to join us on this journey to empower Africa’s wild places.


Recognised at international and national level for best practice in using business as a force for good, Asilia is the first African safari company to receive a five-star rating from GIIRS and has received the Tourism for Tomorrow Award for Best Business, among others. We’re proud of our efforts and delighted they’ve been acknowledged by such prestigious organisations.

Our History


Founded in 2004, Asilia was created when a few small but extremely highly regarded owner-run safari companies – including one of the oldest safari companies in the world – came together. Over the years we have carefully cultivated a successful blend of professional business and unique bush expertise that delivers world-class safari experiences.

We are proud to have created the best operation in the Serengeti/Maasai Mara ecosystem. We have used this ‘backbone’ to pioneer responsible tourism to new areas: the wild southern area of Tarangire National Park, the remote Mara River region of Serengeti National Park, the newly formed Mara Naboisho Conservancy and Africa’s largest island national park, Rubondo Island. We also operate in Ruaha National Park and the Selous Game Reserve in Southern Tanzania, and Ol Pejeta Conservancy in Kenya.

After more than a decade, Asilia remains passionately committed to being and doing better. Many of the original founders are still actively involved with Asilia, and they work to develop conservation areas, to train our young guides or to guide you.

Careers with Asilia


Asilia shares a passion in creating unforgettable Africa experiences for our guests, while making a positive impact on the people and nature in the areas where we have a presence. We are deeply convinced that our success stems entirely from this dedication, as well as the talent of each and everyone within the Asilia family.

We are always on the look for dedicated individuals to join us in our mission. We have a strong family culture within Asilia and are very driven, so we therefore look for people who are real team players, who have great energy & drive, and who are as passionate as us to make a true positive difference. If you are such a person then we welcome you to join us – please email [email protected].

Current Vacancies


There are no current vacancies at the moment.


To get the crucial wilderness areas in East Africa to thrive, benefiting local people and nature alike.



To provide remarkable and genuine safari experiences and take a leading and inspiring role in getting wilderness areas to thrive.

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