A Bird’s Eye View Of Ruaha

By Asilia Africa News | 03 August 2018

By Anwynn Louw –Online Marketing Assistant

Did you know Ruaha National Park is Tanzania’s largest national park and, for the most part, completely unknown!

The park is situated in central Tanzania and characterised by diverse landscapes of extraordinary beauty. While game drives and walking safaris are at the top of every safari-goer’s to-do list, hot air ballooning is a most certainly an experience that should be added to that list! Rise with the sun and explore the park by air.

It may mean that you’ll be getting an extra early start to the day, but we can guarantee you that it is well worth it – here’s why:

Upon arrival to the site, you will meet your pilot and guide and witness your balloon being inflated as it’s prepared for launch.

Once your balloon is ready for takeoff, a thorough safety briefing is conducted – you are then all set to board and lift off!

The flight usually lasts around one hour in total and the possibilities to witness wildlife and happenings are limitless! There’s really not much else to it, hopin and enjoy the ride. Take it all in while you enjoy the magical, serene moments floating slowly above the plains of Africa.


Images & Video: Kristina, Camp Manager Jabali Ridge

If your interests are more inclined towards sightings of larger mammals and big cats, the best time to visit Ruaha National Park is during the sunny dry season, this falls between June and October. As the rivers dry up, more animals congregate around remaining water sources. Of course, the apex predators are never far behind. June is also the Greater kudu breeding season, and so this is a good time to spot males.

The best time for avid birders to visit is during the long rains between February and April, when migrant birds visit the area. The wet season is also when the scenery is most lush and wildflowers are blooming, and the days are at their hottest.

We would love to welcome you to Jabali Ridge and to take part in this incredibly unique experience. Make an enquiry with us below to get your plans started!

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