Asilia Africa’s Collaborative Conservation approach

By Wandering Maasai | 21 July 2015

Asilia Africa operates tourism businesses is some of the finest and yet most fragile habitats in Africa. We recognise that alone we cannot ensure the future existence of these ecosystems – that we need to collaborate with all stakeholders and visionaries, namely, governments, non-governmental organisations, and the private sector, which includes our guests, our staff, local communities and anyone interested in the survival of the land upon which we all depend.


It’s a collaboration of like-minded souls, called, by some, Collaborative Conservation. At Asilia we call it our Positive Impact.

The Asilia approach is to tackle each area in which we operate holistically.

We look at what it will take to ensure the long-term survival of these areas and we’ve identified two key areas of intervention: conservation and education. Education is important to our conservation ethos as it’s essential in lifting people out of poverty (a major driver in poaching and habitat destruction).

We support reputable conservation projects important to our areas, many of which look at predator species, as predators being high on the food chain represent the health of the underlying ecosystem.

In the education sphere we support primary and secondary schooling infrastructure, sometimes a teacher salary where there is a shortage of teachers, as well as offering tertiary scholarships to students wishing to enter the tourism industry.

Ensuring the survival of Africa’s precious ecosystems is not only important to us and the people and animals that live in these magnificent areas. It’s important to the world.


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