Asilia Co-Founder tells us about Encounter Mara

By Wandering Maasai | 22 June 2015

In light of Encounter Mara becoming part of the Asilia Africa family our Co-founder, Bas Hochstenbach, shares with us his viewson why we decided to add this exceptional camp to the Asilia Africa portfolio.

Why did Asilia Africa introduce Encounter Mara into their portfolio?
Asilia decided to take on Encounter Mara for a number of reasons. Firstly,Asilia believes in the incredible wildlife and wilderness product that the Naboisho conservancy has to offer. The conservancy experience is highly rated by all guests (just check out TripAdvisor!) and Encounter Mara has built a very strong productin a great location. By bringing the camp into the Asilia portfolio, itwill be able to grow to the occupancies it needs – in turn becoming another strong pillar to the conservancy model – like Asilia’s existing Naboisho Camp.

What makes the Mara Naboisho Conservancy so special?
The incredible wildlife combined with the freedom and activities that only conservancies can offer. These include the highest quality walking safaris, on-and off-road game drives during day and night and Maasai interactions outside the conservancy. Asilia will keep on selecting Africa’s crucial natural habitats as its area of operations, and will continue to be an agent of positive change in all these areas.

What can Asilia do for the Mara Naboisho Conservancy in general during this difficult time for Kenya?
Asilia can, and will, continue to drive growth of the conservancy whichis crucial for the future of nature and wildlife in Kenya. For example, Asilia has been instrumental in setting up the Maasai Mara Wildlife Conservancies Association. This isan important contributor to the long-termsuccess of the conservancies through its presence in all three major Maasai Mara Conservancies: Mara North, Olare Orok / Motorogi and Mara Naboisho. Asilia also providesmajor stability and a role in driving good governance in the conservancies. While many people are thinking twice about traveling to Kenya at this time, I am convinced that the unmatched quality of Kenyan safaris with theirgreat game, excellent guiding, diversity and range of experiences will inevitably bring Kenya back to the forefront of safaris!

How can people contribute to positive change inKenya?
By visiting Kenya, you in turn are helping the area and its conservancies to grow and thrive, through crucial tourism revenues that have a direct effect on conservation.

The recent period of subdued demand for safaris to Africa, mostly on the back of the nonsensical fear for Ebola, has taken a heavy toll on conservation and development initiatives on the continent. I would strongly encourage you to take that step and choose Kenya as your next safari destination. The experiencewill be remembered for a lifetime and you will most definitely be left wanting more!

What are you most excited about for the future?
Asilia will shortly announce an exciting joint venture with a visionary overseas investor to protect and develop one of East Africa’s most iconic frontier areas. I am also very excited about the success of our Kenyancamps,despite the difficult times. The success of our new and pioneering efforts of Kwihala Camp in Ruaha NP and Namiri Plains in the exclusive South-Eastern sector of the Serengeti is also a positive testimony to that.

Looking beyond our company there are several positive developments in the works. I am happy to see that international tourists are finding their way back to Africa. Tanzania’s government also shows good signs in taking the battle against poaching seriously. Finally, there are also innovative models being introduced to ensure the long-term conservation of crucial areas.

All in all, despite the challenging period that is now behind us I am very confident that our guests, our partners and ourselves will succeed in conserving these crucial areas.

Bas Hochstenbach
Co-founder & Commercial Director of Asilia Africa

Want to do your part to ensure Kenya remains one of the most beautiful and diverse places on earth? Then visit usat Encounter Maraor any of our other Kenyan Camps. Please contact your trusted travel agent or make an enquiry with us. Have a look at the current special offers which are currently available and book your stay now!

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