Asilia’s First Photographic Safari Vehicle

By Asilia Africa News | 27 September 2018


Our very own, and first-ever, Asilia Photographic Safari Vehicle arrived at Naboisho Campin September 2018 and the first guests to make use of it were rewarded with some seriously epic wildlife moments! George the Explorer was lucky enough to spend time with some special characters whilst out on a game drive and the results were just phenomenal.


The Warriors. Their faces a canvas, painted with the scars of past conquests and defeats. Their every aching movement, telling of the relentless pursuit of dominance. Their piercing eyes, scanning the lands fraught with danger. © - George the Explorer
© - George the Explorer
Located At The Following Camps

Specialist safari photographic vehicles are available in four of our locations across Kenya and Tanzania.

Serengeti North: The vehicle is based at Sayari Camp, but also bookable from our three migration camps, when they are in the North – Olakira, Ubuntu, andKimondo Migration Camps.

Serengeti Central: The photographic safari vehicle is based at Namiri Plains, but bookable from Dunia and Ubuntu Migration Camp from May to July, when the camp is in the Western Corridor.

Ruaha National Park: Based at Jabali Ridge, and also bookable for Kwihala

Masai Mara: The vehicle will be based at Naboisho and is bookable from Rekero, Encounter Mara and Mara Bush Houses

Asilia Photographic Safari Vehicle

Our Photographic Safari vehicle can accommodate 3 photographers (and their equipment). The driver’s side seat is not accommodated for photographer’s though, so they would just be joining for the ride and experience.

Photographic Safari Vehicle Extras
    • Drop-down sides for photographers to lie down and get low angle photographs
    • Three 360º swivel seats, one per “row” – seats also lean right back if required
    • Only front and back bars to hold up the roofless obstruction of view for photography
    • Beanbags and foam camera rest (photographers advised to bring their own tripods)
    • All the usual Asilia vehicle kit – fridge, charging points, roll down sides for bad weather etc.


See the full Photographic Vehicle overview and what it entails here.

“The modified photographic vehicle was an absolutedream! Getting eye level – or below – is crucial to powerful wildlife images and the vehicle made it easy. It also made the encounters all the more special; with no barrier between you and the subject, you really feel ‘part’ of their world. If you’re a passionate photographer or wildlife lover, don’t even hesitate… grab it before another ‘tog does!” – George the Explorer

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