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Asilia’s new Positive Impact Report is here

By Asilia Africa | 17 June 2020

As one of East Africa’s long-standing safari companies, we’ve built a reputation for incredible safari experiences and unwavering commitment to empowering both people and nature alike in the region. We believe tourism should be used for good and, when practised responsibly, can be a driving force in the conservation and development of East Africa. This belief guides everything we do — from where we source our energy and materials used at camps, to how we hire and empower local staff and work alongside community and conservation programmes.

It is in this spirit that we are proud to share with you Asilia Africa’s new Positive Impact report, reporting on the financial year June 2018-May 2019. We release a report every year to showcase what we’ve accomplished with our implementing partners and the support of your contributions as friends and guests of Asilia.

Click here to read or download our Positive Impact Report

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