18. Namiri Plains Landscape
18. Namiri Plains Landscape

Asilia welcomes first guests back to camp

By Asilia Africa | 11 June 2020

As we move into what would normally be our high season — the busiest time of year where we’re welcoming guests from around the world — travel looks a lot different this year as a result of COVID-19.

But travel is slowly beginning to resume around the world, and we’re proud to share that we’ve welcomed our first guests back to our camps in Tanzania to experience the wonder of East Africa. Martin Renck and Ulf Stenerhag arrived at Kilimanjaro airport from Sweden the first weekend of June to visit Sayari and Namiri Plains.

“We are so thrilled to be here finally,” Martin said. “The safety here has felt higher than anywhere else.”

While initially nervous their trip wouldn’t be possible, both agreed that the safety measures taken during their travels to Tanzania were of a high standard and quality, easing any concerns with international travel to East Africa.

“I would welcome anyone I know to come to Tanzania, one of the most beautiful countries on the planet with the most welcoming people,” Ulf said.

“Asilia Africa is happy and ready to receive tourists from all over the world,” Doris Ngemera, Asilia’s Positive Impact and PR manager in Tanzania, said. “Some of our camps are already open and we are in compliance with the standard operating procedures that have been implemented by the government due to COVID-19.”

Our top priority is ensuring that our guests and staff feel safe without compromising the quality, hospitality and excitement that you’ve come to expect of a safari with Asilia. In the coming weeks, we’ll be launching a landing page with full details on our COVID-19 protocols that will help ensure the safety of our guests, staff and community as travel begins to resume.

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