BBC One: Serengeti – The Wildebeest

By Britta Foulis | 15 August 2019

By Britta Foulis – Content Marketing Manager

BBC One’s latest mini-series, Serengeti, aired its first episode last month and has now come to an end. Each episode followed the lives and intertwined stories of several animals that call these plains home while showcasing the intense drama and action that accompanies the area’s distinctive wildlife.

As the mini-series draws to an end, so does an incredible year for the wildlife we have come to know and love. In the second last episode, the families were threatened by a wild fire, now we find out which of them made it out and who is still missing.

As the rains begin to make thier way towards the Serengeti, the land is reborn and a lush green paradise begins to emerge as the much-needed water quenches the dry earth. The cycle of life becomes the main focus in this final eposide asthe Serengeti’s elders prepare their young for adulthood and a life on their own.

We’ve rounded up some of our favorite facts about the wildebeest to share with you and will be sharing more about the other characters in BBC One’s Serengeti series in the coming weeks as the episodes are premiered.

Facts about the wildebeest.

If you’re interested in visiting the Serengeti to see the characters of BBC One’s series, read more about how you can do that here.

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