Bob & Gina Poole Answer Your Questions – Being an Elephant

By Wandering Maasai | 15 April 2015

As you might know from our previous posts and blog stories, Bob and Gina Poole are currently staying at Naboisho Campand following a family of elephant on their journey for a film for Nat Geo Wild. We asked you to leave your elephant related questions on our Facebook page and all of your responses were great!

Thank you to allof our fans who participated in this chance to have a world famous wildlife filmmaker answer your questions personally. Thank you to Bob and Gina for taking the time to give us all such great responses too.

We received so many questions that we have split the answers up into a few different categories, to introduce our Q&A session we have chosen to start off with all behavioral questions relating to elephants, speaking on all the quirks that make them who they are! Please enjoy the videos below of Bob’s answers.

1. What is the most fascinating thing you have learnt about elephants whilst you have been following them closely for this new film? – Ash

2.I have heard that elephants do not deal with the death of family members very well, have you ever experienced something like this? – Renee

3.What is the most memorable encounter that you have ever experienced with an elephant or a herd of elephants? – Riyaanah

4.I would like to know as people say elephant has got poor vision, how many meters can an elephant see? – Abel

5.What is the most interesting kind of social behavior you have experienced whilst filming elephants? – Carly

To see the answers Bob & Gina had to your poaching questions please click here.

We will be posting more videos soon which will be based on the problem of poaching. Please keep an eye on our Facebook and Twitter pages for the latest updates or check back here on our Blog.

If you would like to visit Naboisho Camp then please get in touch with your trusted travel agent or make an enquiry with us.

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