Celebrating our Women : Meet Jackie

By Asilia Africa News | 14 March 2018

This women’s month, we are celebrating the wonderful work that the ladies of Asiliado on a daily basis.

Get to know the wonderful Jackie, the assistant manager at Rekero Camp, in the blog piece below and be sure to check back for posts on some of the other incredible women we are so blessed to work with!

– Tell us a bit about yourself and what it is that you do?

I’m a city girl working in the bush as an Assistant Manager for Rekero Camp. I come from a small family set up, 20kms away from Kenya’s capital city Nairobi. This is my very first work experience in a safari camp and I love every moment of it!

In my free time and days off, I love spending time with my son, family and friends. The importance of these to me is something I cannot describe. My hobbies also include nature walks, outdoor activities, traveling, listening to music and watching movies particularly comedy, I can laugh endlessly over silly jokes.

– How did your journey with Asilia begin?

I joined Asilia in August 2016 as an administrator for Naboisho Camp, I was later moved to Rekero Camp in October of the same year in the same capacity. It was at Rekero that my managerial journey started. I found myself assisting Stacey and Pete in the running of camp activities. For this reason, I was asked to attend the managerial training that was held last year at our Arusha offices. I can now proudly say that I am the new Assistant Manager for Rekero Camp!

– What, would you say, is the most rewarding thing about your work?

The most rewarding thing about my work is my exciting work environment, the opportunity to meet people from all walks of life with diverse cultures, religions and backgrounds. Passionately providing our guests with genuine outstanding service and ensure they have a memorable safari experience is something that makes my job rewarding, too.

My work has also opened the world to me and created an avenue for creativity.

– What is the funniest/strangest thing you have experienced whilst being in camp?

One of our guides in his effort to keep the environment clean picked a polythene bag on the road whilst on game drive. The bag was heavy, but he assumed it was filled with dirt, little it he knows that there was a black spitting cobra inside. That was strange but at the same time funny. I dread snakes but just the thought of their reaction upon their discovery puts a smile on my face?

– What would be your message to other women who are also interested in working in a safari camp?

It’s possible, it’s doable. Free yourself from self-doubt, be confident, recognize your worth and potential, stop holding back, step out and be counted.

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