Create A Travel Vision Board With Us

By Asilia Africa News | 07 April 2020

It’s pretty crazy to think that most of the world’s borders are closed right now and that travel is so restricted at the moment. We are eagerly awaiting the day travel bans are lifted and we can start journeying around the world once again. In the meantime, why not let your imagination run wild?

While we’re cooped up at home, get the kids together and let your imaginations run free while creating a travel vision board together. We’ve put together a few simple steps to help you along the way.

Gather Your Materials

What you’ll need:

Old magazines
A pair of scissors
Some glue sticks
Decorative goodies: glitter, string, scrapbooking items, paint, etc.
Large cardboard posters or regular paper will work, too.

Photo credit: The Spruce Crafts

Start Picking Your Favourites

Start by asking your kids to begin browsing through the magazines and pull out pages with pictures or words that remind them of the places they love and where they would love to travel to. Ask them to think about not only the places; but the foods, people, and things they might see on their travels too.

Time To Get Crafty

Now the real fun starts. Lay the chosen cutouts out on a table or the floor and begin snipping! Cut out the particular pictures or words you’re planning on using and get your kids to arrange them in the way they would like to design their board. Don’t feel limited to just one board either – if the little ones are enjoying themselves, turn this into a learning opportunity to teach them about the incredible world we live in. They can create multiple boards about different countries or ideas – the important thing about this exercise is to have fun, and learn something while doing so!

Once the design has been decided on, get sticking and bring the travel board to life.

Photo credit: PinIMG

Let Your Creative Juices Flow

It might be difficult to keep a positive outlook during these times, but this is the perfect way to keep dreaming and uplift our spirits. Enjoy this time with your kids, learning more about their interests and what they’d like to do and see – who knows, you might stumble across a new holiday idea you’ve never thought of before.

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