Falling in Love with Kenya

By Wandering Maasai | 18 February 2015

By Bob Poole

Kenya is the most beautiful of all the African countries. Its varied topography from the highlands of Mt. Kenya and the Aberdare Range to the dry bush country of Samburu provides a wonderful climate. Because it is on the Equator, Kenya doesn’t suffer from extremely hot or cold seasons. It is lovely year round.

Kenya’s National Parks, Reserves and Conservancies work to preserve the country’s wildlife heritage. Visitors to Kenya will see unimaginable wildlife spectacles. There’s really nothing quite like the way time seems to stand still while watching wildlife. Or time spent with friends enjoying a sundowner, or the magnificent sounds of the African bush at night heard from your tent.

Filming all over Africa

I grew up in Kenya, where my parents worked for the Peace Corp and later in wildlife conservation. My career in wildlife filming began when I was in high school by chance working for a National Geographic film crew. Since then I’ve filmed all over Africa in locations such as the rainforests of Congo and Gabon where I shot documentaries about gorillas, chimps and forest elephants; the deserts of Mali where I had to work on foot as the elephants there would run from vehicles, and in wore-torn Sudan where I filmed the huge migration of white-eared kob.

There’s really nothing quite like the way time seems to stand still while watching wildlife.” – Bob Poole

Gorongosa, Mozambique
Over the past two years I was in Gorongosa National Park, Mozambique. My wife Gina, a photographer, joined me on many of these shoots and we’ve been fortunate to work together in recent years. We just finished the project in Gorongosa for a six-hour series that will air on PBS in the US and National Geographic International. This past November and December we drove our Land Rover from Gorongosa to Nairobi via Zimbabwe, Zambia and Tanzania. Our overland journey was highlighted by visits to National Parks along the route.

We encourage everyone to visit Kenya now more than ever. Kenyans are warm and welcoming people. The wildlife is spectacular, and by coming here you will be supporting it.

Bob Poole

Naboishostill has some availability from now until the end of March, so if you are flexible enough to travel soon, you can enjoy this unique wildlife filming experience and benefit from our 3rd night free special (for Naboisho Camp only, or in combination with our other Asilia camps).

To find out more please contact your trusted travel agent or enquire here. In the meantime, you can follow Bob and Gina Poole’s experiences at Naboisho on this blog and Naboisho Camp’sFacebook page.

About Bob & Gina Poole
No strangers to Naboisho, Bob has previously documented the life of a cheetah family in the conservancy. At Naboisho they will be following a family of elephants on their journey for a film for National Geographic WILD. If you are joining us in camp soon, you will have the opportunity to meet them and maybe even join a game drive where you find out what it takes to make one of these films.To find out more please contact your trusted travel agent or contact us.

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