Five reasons a safari in East Africa is the perfect socially distanced holiday

By Asilia Africa | 22 February 2021

We think it’s safe to say that we’re not alone when we say we’re missing travel. The sights and smells, the adventures and the in-between moments that make a holiday so special and often a once-in-a-lifetime experience. And with the COVID-19 vaccine rollout beginning in earnest in many countries around the world, we’re feeling hopeful that travel is within our reach again one day in the near future.


As you start to consider your plans for travel, there will be many new factors to consider – safety protocols, cost, destination, length of time to name a few. And while we may be biased, we’re here to say that an East African safari should be at the top of your list. Safari holidays are quite naturally socially distanced and we have strict health and safety protocols in place. And breathtaking views of the great plains and wildlife encounters will remind you how beautiful and exciting our great big world really is. Keep reading for five reasons why a safari should be part of your post COVID-19 travel plans.

1 - Safaris are a naturally socially distanced holiday.

By nature, safaris are an open-air holiday with the vast plains of the bush at your doorstep. The remote location of safaris takes you far away from crowded city centres, and to the natural world as the perfect backdrop to your first vacation in a post-COVID world. Social distancing calls for wide-open spaces and fresh air and we can’t think of many places better than on an East African safari. From decks perfect for lounging with a cocktail and good book from the camp library to private bush picnics and riding in open-air safari vehicles, fresh air is never in short supply.


2 - There are strict health and safety protocols in place.

Even prior to COVID-19, health and safety protocols are a key part of any safari. At Asilia, we want to ensure that you feel safe in the safari environment and that your needs are always met. And over the last year, we’ve developed COVID-specific protocols to help keep our guests, staff and local communities safe that include regular mask-wearing, additional handwashing stations and adapted our dining areas to accommodate for socially distanced dining.

3 - With fewer tourists right now, wildlife viewings are largely for yourself!

Wildlife sightings have never been better with fewer game drive vehicles and tourists clamouring for the perfect place to park up and watch some of Earth’s most spectacular wildlife in their natural habitat. Take it from our photographer, George Benjamin, who travelled to Sayari Camp in time for the Great Migration. “I’ve enjoyed cheetah hunts, leopards roaming the granite boulders of Kogatende, and craziest of all, witnessed over 10 wildebeest crossings practically all to myself. Truly once in a lifetime,” he shared of his visit last July.

4 - You’re supporting communities and conservation efforts that are very much in need.

Travel is the largest industry in the world and is a livelihood for so many – from those who work in our camps, to those who work for the other services like airlines and experience providers. Additionally, when you travel on safari with Asilia, you’re automatically contributing to wildlife conservation and community development through a US$5/day donation that goes toward supporting these projects where local communities directly benefit.

5 - A safari will ignite your wanderlust and remind you why we travel all over again.

Whenever it is that you are ready to travel again, East Africa reminds you of how beautiful the world is and how much adventure is out there. And when you travel, travel thoughtfully – with companies and brands that have the same values as yours and that will go the extra mile to support meaningful growth and development to communities, the travel industry and sustainability initiatives that will protect our future. Travel can and will be rewarding and purposeful again and we can’t wait to welcome you.

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