Getting To Know : Epimark Lastone

By Asilia Africa News | 20 December 2018

Meet the Team: Epimark Lastone –Positive Impact Coordinator

Tell us a bit about yourself and what it is that you do?

My name is Epimark Lastone and I am the Positive Impact coordinator based in Arusha. I manage all the community relationships. I really enjoy my visits to the local schools and villiages. I was born and raised in southern Tanzania. I moved to north Tanzania at age 21 and this is when I decided to study tourism. I’m a dad of three beautiful daughters with whom I love spending time with when I’m not working.

Where is home?

I’m from the southern Highlands of Tanzania. From a region known asKyela.

How did your journey with Asilia begin?

I previously worked at a different hotel, as a waiter. After being in the tourism industry for almost 5 years, I decided to take up a tour guiding course in 2005. I then joined Asilia as a head waiter but my goal was to get an opportunity to take part in the company’s tour guide training program. However, I soon changed my mind and joined management training in 2007 instead. I became a full-time manager in 2010.

What does “Positive Impact” mean to you?

Positive Impact means to make a positive change in peoples lives. I can see the direct and big changes Asilia has on the local communities.

What is the most enjoyable thing about your work?

I love that my job allows me to travel and explore the different areas from time to time. Although it can get a bit tiring at times, I get to meet new people and make new friends every time.

If you could send out one message about why conservation and empowerment are so important what would you say?

Educating the younger generation about the importance of protecting our wildlife will teach them to conserve ourwildlife for years to come.


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