Getting To Know : Ezina Magwaro

By Asilia Africa News | 18 December 2018

Meet the Team: Ezina Magwaro –Assistant Camp Manager


Tell us a bit about yourself, who you are and what it is that you do?

I’m Ezina and I am an assistant camp manager at Encounter Mara, Kenya. My responsibilities are to ensure the camp is kept secure at all times, supervise camp staff and hosting our guests. Like most others in the tourism industry, I enjoy traveling and meeting new people. Besides discovering new places, I’m quite fond of cooking and reading a good book!

Where is home for you?

I was born and raised in Nakuru, Rift valley Province which is famous for its flamingo sightings.

What is your favourite memory of working in the bush?

Hearing the different sound of animals during the night especially roaring lions is and will always be my favourite memory. It makes you appreciate nature more.

What is your favourite memory of your guests?

There were 2 best friends that checked in from the United States and had carried with them Karaoke microphone. They loved singing and every night after dinner all the guests used to meet at the wifi tent and sing Karaoke. It was a great experience since I also got a chance to sing and no judgment was made to people with bad voices. 😊

What advice would you give other women who are thinking of working within the safari industry in Africa?

Nothing is impossible if only you put your mind and heart to it. It’s a beautiful opportunity because it’s no longer a male-dominated industry as it was in the past. It also takes a lot of perseverance but in the long run its worthwhile as you get to network more with different people.

Who is the woman you most admire and why?

I admire my mother. She is an example of a strong woman, who has always prayed for me, encouraged me and advised me. She raised me and my siblings when my dad was working abroad for many years.

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