Getting To Know : Nalloho Taretoi

By Asilia Africa News | 14 August 2018

Getting to know our staff: MeetNalloho Taretoi

Tell us a bit about yourself and what it is that you do?

My name is Nalloho Taretoi, I am 24 years old. Icome fromthe Ngorongoro Area in a village called Osinoni. I started my primary education at Ndian Primary School in 2002. I began my secondary education in 2009 and completed 2013 at Embaruwai Secondary School. Due to the lack of finances, I could not continue with my studies, so I spent two years at home taking care of the family cattle. I decided to move to Arusha to find a job. I worked as a waiter in several bars for about a year.

How did your journey with Asilia begin?

Asilia Africa’s Ubuntu Camp is located close to our village and during one of their visits to our village I was given the opportunity to be interviewed by David Msuya, the camp manager at the time. Four of us got the chance to go to Arusha for an interview at Asilia Headquarters, after which I was recruited by Asilia for a sponsorship. I then joined VETA Hotel and TourismTrainingInstitute where I studied Food and Beverage Service and Sales for a year.

Upon completing my studies, I went for another interview for an apprenticeship at Little Oliver’s. After a successful interview with Michael Lengarivi and Tony Reumerman, I started out working as a waiter for a month as well as assisting the kitchen, housekeeping departments and helping with fly camping when the opportunity would arise. I returned to Arusha to do my final examination and went back home where I stayed for 2 months. I was contacted by Asilia for a job interview. On the 1st of June 2018 my I officially joined the Asilia Africa team.

I am now a based at Kwihala Camp in Ruaha National Park. The work is going very well, I am gaining a lot of experience and learning how to interact with guests and providing the best possible service.

How, would you say, you have benefited from working at Asilia Africa?

I have benefited a lot since joining Asilia, I managed to get a sponsor for my studies too. Coming from a village, it feels great being employed. I am getting a lot of exposure from the guests we receive, learning about their culture and teaching them about mine. Now that I have a job I can also pursue many personal goals.

I am continuously learning new things from our trainer Michael. I personally enjoy meeting the guests visiting our camp. I look forward to becoming a professional waiter, work hard and achieve all my goals.

I would also like to mention Clementina Mchau, who was very friendly to us from the moment we first went to Asilia. I am also very grateful and thankful to Asilia for providing me with this opportunity and I want to encourage them to continue supporting people from the local communities.


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