Give a child a chance

By Wandering Maasai | 18 December 2015

Children from disadvantaged backgrounds in Africa’s rural areas are often caught in a cycle of poverty that is inescapable. Without the means to get an education they’re caught in a trap that leads to poaching and unsustainable farming.

Our scholarships give them an escape.

SILA Vocational College offers a one-year Hotel & Tourism Management course that provides a starting point for bright youngsters from poor backgrounds to start their careers in tourism. We offer internships for graduates and employ those we can.

“Even if you struggle to find a life [you must] never give up,’ says Peter Mturi, 2015 scholarship awardee from Machochwe village in the Serengeti district.

So far Asilia has sponsored 11 students and we’re aiming for more.

How it works

Students are chosen by Asilia’s Positive Impact Co-ordinator in Tanzania who consults closely with their parents and other village elders and teachers. They’re chosen on merit (character and good secondary school reports) and on social background (e.g. single-parent households).

Once students have been accepted into the Arusha college they are monitored by our Positive Impact Co-ordinator, who regularly meets with them, their teachers and their parents. They sit for tests on a monthly basis. At the end of each semester they write exams. Progress reports from the exams are sent to Asilia.

In 2016 we would like to raise the money for 20 scholarships. This will give two children from each of the ten communities that we work within Tanzania a chance to make an alternative living to what would otherwise be their only options – poaching and unsustainable farming.

What you get

Sponsors may receive information on the students, their progress and meet with them on Skype at pre-arranged intervals. Please email us at for more information.

The fee for the one year course is US$1,500 for 2016. Donations of any amount are welcome and can be made through or direct to:

Asilia Charitable Corporation (U.S. tax-exempt 501(c)(3) organization)

Bank: TD Bank

Main account: 430347 8146

Paypal account: 430347 7940

OperationaI account: 430347 7958

Note all the above accounts are connected and have the same:

ABA or Routin Number: 054001725 (for Domestic wires/transfers only)

SWIFT or BTC code: NRTHUS33 (for International wires/ transfers only)

An online registry of donations will be maintained here. If you prefer to be anonymous please indicate that in the description box on Paypal the reference by EFT.

Join us on our journey to empower Africa’s wild places.


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