Great Migration Live Update – 02 September 2019

By Asilia Africa News | 02 September 2019

Update from Alex Walker’s Serian

Safari guide Jacupa Martinez witnessed thousands of theGreat Migrationcrossing point number 4 in the Serengeti Lamai Wedge from the Kogatende.

Lamai is a triangular-shaped watershed area just north of theMara River.Lamai’s freshwater and verdant grasslands serve as a critical refuge for the wildebeest and zebra during the dry season. In fact, the majority of the migration usually resides here fromJulyuntilNovember. It’s one ofEast Africa‘s best secrets that during the dry season, the secluded Lamai Triangle holds more of the migration then the more heavily touristyMasai Mara Game Reservejust to the north inKenya.


Update from Lisa Lavender

1-2 million ofwildebeest crossing the Mara River!

When compared toJuly, we would argue thatSeptemberis a better time to almost guarantee seeing themigration in the north. This is because thewildebeestcan be late, so July is a slightly trickier time to predict, whereas if you go inSeptemberthough, you are pretty much guaranteed to see the herds as they absolutely will have arrived in the north by this time and always linger well into September. Contrary to popular belief, once the herds arrive in the north, they do not simply head straight for theMasai Marathan head south, but they linger crisscrossing back and forth through the Mara River – it is not a single mass movement, but more a chaotic gathering which can meanriver crossingshappen daily from July all the way through until lateOctober.


Image by Kaelo Jonathan

Update from Amani Munther

Amani Munther saw thewildebeest migration crossing the Mara River! The toughest journey they take risking their lives to the crocodiles.

Image by Amani Munther

Image by Amani Munther

Update from Alex Walker’s Serian

BIG Crossing at point number 4!!

Safari guideMichael Thomas managed to capture a BIG Crossing at point number 4 during his morning game drive. The great migration was coming from the South heading towards the North of the Mara River.


Image by HerdTracker

Thank you to Herd Tracker for this week’s update!
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