Great Migration Live Update – 04 February 2019

By Asilia Africa News | 04 February 2019

February is the easiest month to predict where the migration will be in the Serengeti. For the past 10-12 years, the wildebeest herds have settled in and around Lake Ndutu and Masek. This area is lush in February and an ideal location for wildebeest to give birth to offspring.

Expect scenes of delight (newborns finding their feet) and horror (predators arrive to prey on the young).

The herds were spotted heading to the Ndutu from the southern part of the Naabi Hills.

Fred Shirima captured the migration on the southernplains of the Serengeti roaming in the Naabi Hills heading towards the Ndutu, Miti Matatu and the Hidden Vally.

Image by Fred Shirima Photography

Finally, the wildebeestand other wildlife such as the lioness are dropping their newly-born babiesin the Ndutu!

However, the wildebeest herdsare moving towards the green grassland of Naibadad, following the rains in theNgorongoro Highland and Enduken Area. A large group was seen heading towards Ubuntu in the very south part of the Ndutu area.

Image by Serengeti Nomad

Image by Serengeti Nomad

Image by Serengeti Nomad

Thank you to Herd Tracker for this week’s update!

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