Great Migration Live Update – 07 May 2018

By Asilia Africa News | 07 May 2018

Migration Monday Update

The wildebeest start their Great Migration to the north!

They can be seen moving north, migrating to seek fresh grazing and water. The area around Maru Kopjes and west of Seronera is hectic with a series of moving columns, often thousands of animals – joined by zebra, Thomson’s and Grant’s gazelles all moving together and followed by lion, cheetah, hyena, jackal and vultures as cleaners of the Serengeti ecosystem.

Credit: Owner, Emanuel Melubo Mamasita

A big herd of migrating wildebeest were spotted in the Research Kopjes, heading towards the Zebra Kopjes.

The Kopjes are in the Southern area of Namiri and the northern side of Gol Kopjes.

Credit: Ranger, Kareem Saadun

Thank you to Herd Tracker for this week’s update!

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