Great Migration Live Update – 07 October 2019

By Britta Foulis | 07 October 2019

K Raman captured the great migration crossing the Mara River on the Masai Mara side heading back to the Serengeti.

The Masai Mara is still busy at this time of the year, as it is a smaller area with a lot of camps! We always recommend sticking to the Serengeti between July and November, if you are looking to catch the migration.

Photo credit: K Raman

Tim Fang also witnessed the migration crossing the Mara River. The herds are still moving around the Kogathende area in search of green pastures while some are migrating at Nyamalumbwa Hills.

Photo credits: Tim Fang

Update fromJennie de Haan. Once the herds arrive in the northern Serengeti, they do not simply head straight for the Masai Mara then head south – but they linger crisscrossing over back and forth through the Masai Mara. It is not a single mass movement, but more a chaotic gathering which can mean river crossings happen daily from July all the way through until late October.

Photo credits: Jennie de Haan


Thank you to Herd Tracker for this week’s update!
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