Great Migration Live Update – 09 December 2019

By Britta Foulis | 09 December 2019

Stay ahead of the herds and find out where they are during the year with our weekly Migration Monday updates. We bring you real-time updates to ensure you always have an eye on where to stay if you’re interested in a Great Migration safari.

Update from Gregory Rees:

Reliant on the rains across what is an absolutely vast area, their exact location can fool even the best guides!

Their movements at the beginning of the month can be notoriously difficult to predict, as they often spread out across the entiresouthern Serengetifrom Kusini to Namiri! In our opinion, you cannot go wrong with focusing around Moru and Kusini at the beginning of the month, while towards the end ofDecemberthebest game viewingis around Kusini and Ndutu as the Ndutu Plains literally come to life.

Update from Sasha:

The majority of the herds have reached thesouthernSerengetiplains byDecemberand are rewarded with those all-important new shoots. Feasting begins, the predators come out to play and the cycle of life begins again…

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