Great Migration Live Update – 09 July 2018

By Asilia Africa News | 09 July 2018

Migration Monday Update

July marks the start of the Mara River crossing as well as the mating season in the Serengeti. The herds are in the Grumeti Reserve, moving through the western side of the Serengeti past Fort Ikoma. However, expect dry weather throughout July.

Safari guide, Karim Saadum captured spotted more herds in the Musabi Plains.

The stunning Musabi Plains offer superb off the beaten path game drives. Musabi is an expansive area of plains roughly half way down the Western Corridor and is the favored breeding ground of the topi antelope. The surrounding area is covered in verdant acacia woodlands, which support a myriad of herbivores. Giraffe (the national emblem of Tanzania) dominate the woodlands as they feed exclusively on the tender leaves of acacia trees. Elephants are also found in large numbers here.

Video by Karim Saadum

Freelancer safari guide Mohammed witnessed the first herd in the Sand River border.

In the next few weeks, Mara will be hosting close to two million wildebeest, zebra and antelope coming in from the Serengeti.

Video by Mohammed Billow

Michelle encountered the wildebeest migration in the Grumeti River during her afternoon game drives. The entire herd took about 1-2 minutes to cross.

Video by Michelle L

Pieter was lucky to experience the great migration in the Western Corridor. He caught up with the wildebeest in the Grumeti Reserve.

Image by Pieter Roodt

A large group of the wildebeest along with a small group of zebras were spotted one kilometres close to the lodge. The herds were heading to the Mbalageti Rivercrossing point.

Image by André Velders

Image by André Velders

Thank you to Herd Tracker for this week’s update!

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