Great Migration Live Update – 15 April 2019

By Asilia Africa News | 15 April 2019

Update fromThe Marsh Pride of Lions

Trespasser! ‘This is Blonde’, one of the Olololo males was spotted feeding on buffalo with females and youngsters of the River-line pride (from the Mara Triangle), at the entrance ofGovernors Private Camp! They are known to cross over into the Marsh Pride territory, make a kill, and rush back home before they get caught.

Let’s hope they made it back without a confrontation with the Marsh females and their cubs!

Image by Moses Manduku

Image by Moses Manduku

Image by Moses Manduku

UpdatefromAlex Walker’s Serian

A large herdof the wildebeest and zebra were captured coming from the South Serengeti in the Kusini area heading towards the Simiyu River.

Thank you to Herd Tracker for this week’s update!

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