Great Migration Live Update – 17 February 2020

By Asilia Africa News | 17 February 2020

Stay ahead of the herds and find out where they are during the year with our weekly Migration Monday updates. We bring you real-time updates to ensure you always have an eye on where to stay if you’re interested in a Great Migration safari.

Update from Serengeti Nomad:

The Calving Season in the southern Serengeti is in full swing! A big herd of the great migration was spotted moving towards the Kusini and Naabi Hill. However, some herds are still roaming on the open plains of the Ndutu and Gol Mountains and the heavy rainfalls have stopped.

Update fromNasikia Camps:

Wildebeest and zebras are calving on the plains in the south and east of Seronera, around Ndutu and in the north of the Ngorongoro Conservation Area.

Be prepared for some heartache as well, the predators move quickly onto the newborn calves for their annual feast. Mother Nature is revealing what the circle of life means in full gore and vigour. At the edge of the short grasses is where the highest concentration of predators congregate, waiting to seize any vulnerable calves.

Update fromMoses Nkapiani:

The savannah is drying up, yet thousands of wildebeest are being born daily. February is the favoured month of the big cats.

February is a good month to visit the Masai Mara if you want to see lots of baby animals (up to half a million wildebeest are born this month), and you don’t mind afternoon thundershowers. Wildlife viewing is good, and birdwatching is excellent, with many migratory species present in the park.

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