Great Migration Live Update – 19 November 2018

By Asilia Africa News | 19 November 2018

CLOSE CALL!!It’s November and we’re still seeing amazing crossings at Makutano Junction between 7 and 8 crossing point underthe watchful guidance of Frank Gabriel.

Novembermight bring rain, but it’s still a good time to see the wildebeest in the Serengeti. Most of the herds have moved back into the Serengeti and can be found in the Lobo, Mbuze Mawe and Seronera Valley areas.

Safari guide Elia Edward spottedthe herds crossing point number 7, which is up North on the Mara River and just 15 minutes away from Sayari Camp.

Cooler weather with showers is to be expected.

Image by HerdTracker

There is still some last-minute action on the Mara River in the Serengeti. The last wildebeest herds from the Maasai Mara are making their way south towards the Southern Serengeti Plains.

Image by Michael Dalton-Smith

Safari guide Firozdin Rafiq saw a herd of the wildebeest migration scatteredacross the plains of the Western Serengeti around the Grumeti area. Due to the recent rains, the Sundown hills look nice and green as well as the Nyasirori plains are filled with wildebeest.

Image by Firozdin Rafiq

Image by Firozdin Rafiq

Image by Firozdin Rafiq

Image by Firozdin Rafiq

Thank you to Herd Tracker for this week’s update!

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