Great Migration Live Update – 21 October 2019

By Britta Foulis | 21 October 2019

By October, most of the herds have reached the grasslands of the Masai Mara. It’s a short stint, however; in November, they begin their journey back to the southern Serengeti to be there in time for the green shoots on its plains. They arrive by December when the cycle starts to pick up again.

In October, the conservancies in the Mara are much less crowded and, not only will you still be able to witness the Migration, but you will also be benefiting the Maasai communities who have lived there for thousands of years.Thanks to Kate Flores for this update and the video below.

Susan Schmitz had this to report:
By late October, when the short rains start falling on the Serengeti’s short-grass plains, filling seasonal waterholes and bring new flushes of growth, the wildebeest start heading south again.

The herds trek down through the eastern woodlands – 90% of the female wildebeest are pregnant with the calving season that generally starts in February. Tightly grouped as they pass through the wooded country, the wildebeest scatter and spread out again once they reach the open plains of the Serengeti.

Safari guide Micheal Thomas captured this very huge crossing at a secret point close to the Lamai Wedge area.

Lamai is a triangular-shaped watershed area just north of the Mara River. Lamai’s freshwater and verdant grasslands serve as a critical refuge for the wildebeest and zebra during the dry season.

In fact, the majority of the migration usually resides here from July until November. It’s one of East Africa’s best secrets that during the dry season, the secluded Lamai Triangle holds more of the migration then the more heavily touristy Masai Mara game reserve just to the north in Kenya.


Thank you to Herd Tracker for this week’s update!
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