Great Migration Live Update – 23 September 2019

By Britta Foulis | 23 September 2019

Update from Rachel Penn

Rachel’s front-row seat gave her the opportunity to witness a huge group of wildebeest crossing the Mara Riverin theNorthern Serengeti. Watch the video clip to see the raw power and survival instinct!

Erica witnessed the thousands of wildebeest as they stampededacross the river into theNorthern Serengeti.

Update from Jenny Rossukon

Massive crossings towards theWesternandNorthern Serengeti!

Once the herds arrive in the north, they do not simply head straight for theMasai Marathen head south, but they linger criss-crossing over back and forth through theMara River– it is not a single mass movement, but more a chaotic gathering which can mean river crossings happen daily fromJulyall the way through until lateOctober.


Thank you to Herd Tracker for this week’s update!
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