Great Migration Live Update – 25 November 2019

By Britta Foulis | 25 November 2019

Stay ahead of the herds and find out where they are during the year with our weekly Migration Monday updates. We bring you real-time updates to ensure you always have an eye on where to stay if you’re interested in a Great Migration safari.

Update from Serengeti Nomad:

Yesterday, a huge number of wildebeest were spotted making their way towards the Naabi Hill from Masai Kopjes on the eastern side of the Serengeti and Makoma Hill plains. The southern plains of the Serengeti turn green after the November rains and fresh grazing is just what the wildebeest need for their energy-demanding calving season: several hundred thousand wildebeest are about to be born and it’s going to get busy.

Update from Serengeti Balloon Safaris:

From the bird’s eyes, Captain Abeid saw the migration in the southern Serengeti stretching towards the main road all the way to Simba Kopjes. He also flew over a big parade of elephants, wildebeest, lions, gazelles, ostrich, jackals, warthogs, hartebeests, African hare and hyenas.

Update from Lemala Camps:

The dash of survival at the Makutano crossing from northern Serengeti to southern Serengeti continues!

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