Great Migration Live Update – 28 October 2019

By Britta Foulis | 28 October 2019

Aside from the park being quieter, it is desperately dry at this time of the year. Game viewing throughout theSerengetiis phenomenal as the animals congregate to the water areas.

Safari guideDaniel Clementcaptured a large herd of thewildebeest crossingpoint number 7 from thenorthto thesouthern Serengeticlose to theSayari Camp.

Resting against a hillside with panoramic views of theSerengeti plainsandMara Riverin the distance,Sayari Campeffortlessly combines luxurious living and the wonder of theAfrican landscapeat its most natural.A year-round destination, guests can watch in awe as dramatic scenes unfold when wildebeest cross the Mara or enjoy the park at more quiet times when the area’s permanent wildlife crawl out of the woodwork.

Safari guide Jacupa Martinez captured a very huge crossing at point no 7 from the Lamai Wedge to the Kogatende.

Immerse yourself in the Great Migration at Olakira Migration Camp. You’ll feel the earth vibrate during winter crossings of the brave wildebeest as they face the mighty rivers in the north, or be moved by the mass summer calving on the south’s grassy plains.

Nothing can prepare you for the sight and sound of theGreat Migration!

Adhafera captured hundreds of noisywildebeest crossing the Mara Riverheading back into theSerengeti National Parkfrom theMasai Mara National Reserve.


Thank you to Herd Tracker for this week’s update!
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