Little Beauties : Rubondo Island Camp

By Asilia Africa News | 29 May 2018

By Britta Foulis – Content Manager

Rubondo Island Camp – An Island Of Wonders

Rubondo Island is home to Rubondo Island Camp – the only lodgings on the entire island.It’s a rare privilege to set foot on Rubondo. Bar a handful of park wardens, wildlife researchers and camp staff, the island is uninhabited by humans and has been set aside as a refuge for threatened chimpanzees, families of elephant and the shy sitatunga antelope.While the larger animals of the island are unique and a definite must-see when staying with us, the smaller beauties are just as special and deserving of your attention. Let us show you a few of the little creatures that call Rubondo Island home.

Ants creep and crawl all over the island – this lonely little guy was spotted on a mission from one branch to the next.

The majestic Blue Monarch butterfly is world-famous and we have them right here on the island in their millions.

The Blue Spotted Emperor butterfly is another favorite for many butterfly lovers. Their striking blue colours contrast with their surroundings and witnessing a kaleidoscope (a group of butterfly) of these butterfly in flight, the beauty of it will take your breath away for sure.

This Battling Glider was seen resting close to camp. They have such delicate patterns on their wings, which differ from butterfly to butterfly.

The most beautiful coloring’s are shown on the caterpillar of the One-eyed Sphinx moth.

Caterpillars can be cute and fuzzy too! This is the caterpillar of a Large Heath or Common Right butterfly.

In the afternoon sun, the flies can be seen in all their glory.

These are most certainly not all of the little critters you can see whilst staying with us but just a few, so there is a lot more to be discovered. The hum of the island’s insect life is a perfect metaphor for the incredibly diverse and unique wildlife that call Rubondo Island home – we are just so lucky to wake up to the magic of this island each and every day.

Come And Stay At Rubondo Island Camp

Eight waterfront cottages make up Rubondo Island Camp,all built by hand, using traditional skills and local materials. The cottages are shaded bylush indigenous forest and all have en-suite bathrooms with hot running water and flushing toilets. You’ll want for nothing!


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