Matemwe By The Month: An Overview Of Zanzibar’s Seasons

By Asilia Africa | 01 September 2021

Matemwe, located on the scenic coast of Zanzibar, is home to three of our properties and is one of the most peaceful locations on the lush tropical island. Each of our properties caters to specific needs – our Matemwe Beach House is ideal for families and big groups; the Matemwe Retreat is a romantic’s dream location and perfect for couples; while our Matemwe Lodge is perfect for anyone looking for a beach vacation.

Matemwe by the month

Whenever you decide to visit Matemwe, there is always something to do, see, and experience on land or in the water. From kitesurfing to picnics on a secret sandbank, adventure-junkies and pleasure seekers alike are guaranteed to have the best time on the island. The following activities are available throughout the year, however, certain months provide a better experience, we’ve outlined them in more detail below:

January & February

Our resident dolphins can be seen throughout the year on boating and snorkelling trips, however, they are most present during October through to February each year.

Kite surfing is ideal from December to mid-February each year. What makes Zanzibar the prime location for an island holiday is its beautiful sandy beaches with fringing coral reefs, a variety of wild and marine life and the helpful and friendly inhabitants of Zanzibar.


Deep-Sea Fishing season which begins in December comes to an end in March. During this time, you will find dorado, barracuda, yellowfin tuna, wahoo, king & queen mackerel, and kingfish (trevally). These waters also host lesser game fish such as bonito tuna, skipjack tuna and rainbow runner which provide endless hours of adrenalin-filled game fishing.

April & May

Please note that our Matemwe properties close annually between April and May each year.


Kite surfing season picks up again in June and runs right through to August. It’s summer-time which means the breezes are moderate, averaging at around 14-18 knots (25 – 33 kilometres per hour).

Each year at Matemwe, an annual turtle release is planned in June. Our Matemwe team, staff from the Mnarani Turtle Centre and hundreds of others join together on the beach to be a part of this very special moment. The turtles hatch each year from June through to September.


Our resident dolphins can be seen throughout the year on boating and snorkeling trips, however, in October, they are much more present and daily sightings are almost always guaranteed! This continues until February – it is a special experience to see big dolphin pods in their natural habitat, you may even have the chance to snorkel with them close by.


Deep-sea fishing season begins in November each year and runs through to March. Zanzibar is home to some of the best big game and deep-sea fishing opportunities in the Indian Ocean. There are no less than six different types of billfish in Zanzibar’s Pemba channel just north of Nungwi and your chances of catching at least 3 different types in a season are really good.


Kite surfing season begins in December and runs through to mid-February each year. It’s winter in Matewme so the breezes return to a moderate speed, averaging at around 14-18 knots (25 – 33 kilometres per hour).It is worth remembering that the island is very close to the equator, so lengths of days and temperatures remain similar year-round.

Additional Year-Round Activities:

Secret Sandbank Picnic on Infinity Island

Head out on a short boat trip to spend some time on your own private beach. We’ll set up a delicious lunch prepared just for you to enjoy while you soak up the sun and take a dip in the ocean. If you’re looking for a bit of romance, we will whisk just you and your partner away for a romantic beach picnic that includes views which will leave you breathless.

Reef Walks

Stroll along the beach and through the shallow reef whilst discovering tiny creature, beautiful shells and coral. You’ll come across starfish, exquisite coral reefs and many more interesting sea treasures as your guide talks you through the tides, wildlife, biodiversity, and history of the area.


Head out into the water for an unforgettable day of adventure and discovery in the beautiful ocean of Matemwe.The Indian Ocean is renowned for its diving – and no spot is more famous than Mnemba Atoll.Diving or snorkelling among dolphins, turtles and reef fish is a magical experience.

Stand-Up Paddling & Kayaking

The waters off of Matemwe’s shore and mesmerizing coral reefs provide brilliant sightings of colourful reef fish, turtles, and a variety of dolphin species, while the deeper Indian Ocean gives you the chance to see humpback whales on their annual migration route between July and November.

Matemwe Spa

Choose from a range of delightful treatments at our spa that will leave you relaxed and rejuvenated. Have a look at the Spa Menu for Matemwe here.

Your choice of three Matemwe properties. 


To check availability or make a booking, visit our Matemwe website.  To get in touch with our experts, please enquire below.


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