Meet Majuto, our talented deputy chef at Oliver's

By Asilia Africa | 01 April 2021

Meet our wonderful chef Majuto, who can be found creating some delicious dishes at Oliver’s Camp in Tarangire National Park. Since moving to the bush from the city in 2014, Majuto hasn’t looked back and has now been part of the Asilia family for six years. Majuto loves catering for our vegetarian guests, as he enjoys experimenting with fresh vegetables, lentils and pulses. Scroll down to hear more about Majuto.


What is your favourite animal?

For me, my favourite animal is the elephant. I am always surprised by how big they are! I find their behaviour so interesting; they are very altruistic and empathetic animals, and the way that they act can be similar to us humans. Even when I was little, I just felt a natural affinity and curiosity toward this giant.


Tell me how you came to work at Asilia.

My journey in hospitality began when I was hired as a chef in the city. I did like working there but the city was so busy and nosy! I was thrilled when I was offered a job in Ruaha National Park in 2014 and I fell in love with the bush. Soon after, I joined Asilia and haven’t looked back. This is my sixth year as part of the Asilia family and I am proud of how far I’ve come.


Have you always wanted to be a chef?

I’ve always loved cooking so becoming a chef was a natural choice for me. I enjoy the challenge of cooking different cuisines and experimenting with new flavours. Personally, I love having vegetarians in the camp because I’m not the biggest fan of meat myself. I enjoy experimenting with fresh vegetables, lentils and pulses to create really delicious dishes.


What are your next steps?

Currently I am the deputy chef here at Oliver’s Camp but one day, I dream of becoming a manager. I like having responsibilities and I think that I am good with people, so to be able to work closely with a big team and support them is an exciting prospect for me. I am very determined to reach this goal because it’s important for me to be able to support my family. I have a little girl called Sofia and another baby on the way and I want my children to be able to achieve their dreams.


What is your biggest achievement?

I think that working for Asilia is my biggest achievement. It’s a world-renowned company and they have given me so many opportunities. I am just grateful to have a job doing something I love that enables me to support my family and give them a roof over their heads.


What’s one thing that the other staff members don’t know about you?

I can think of two things. Firstly, I would like to get a job closer to my family one day. I don’t want to miss the milestones in my children’s lives. Secondly, I am a huge fan of football and I will play whenever I get the chance to!

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