Our 10th Birthday Pledge to the Future

By Wandering Maasai | 02 October 2014

We have come from humble origins and today we are immensely proud to have 20 properties and 650 people in the Asilia family.

As always we remain committed to our core belief that world-class travel can go hand in hand with improving the livelihoods as well as the conservation of nature. This is why, in recent years we have been embarking on projects that push the boundaries of the traditional safari experience. Our goal is to transform whole areas, from fragile natural habitats, with their associated and often impoverished local communities, into lasting conservation economies: effectively protecting wildlife whilst providing opportunities for local people to prosper. We call this collaborative conservation.

Many of these areas you may not have heard of, such as Rubondo Island and theMara Naboisho Conservancy, however, we believe they offer some of the most unique wildlife experiences to be had. And, while giving one the sense of being first to discover uncharted territory, it also allows us to make a lasting positive impact on the area, the people who live there and their combined future.

For more information on collaborative conservation please read ‘Our Vision on Collaborative Conservation’, by Co-founder and Commercial Director Bas Hochstenbach.

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