Our Top 5 Lion Moments

By Asilia Africa News | 07 August 2018

By Britta Foulis – Content Marketing Manager

The lion is easily one of the most recognized animals on the planet. The story of the lion has been told countless times, these beasts once roamed the lands of Eurasia, Africa, and even the Americas, but today they are only found to roam freely in Africa with a small population of about 650 lions being found in Asia, too.


Lions are known to be the most social of all the wild cat species. They live in pridesof related individuals, generally, a pride consist of 15 lions at a time but they have been known to reach over 30 individual lions in total. Here in Kenya and Tanzania, we have had so many special moments that have been shared with guests and the lions of the areas we call home. So much so, that this World Lion Day we have decided to share 5 of our favourite videos that were taken by our guests or guides whilst out in the bush.

The Most Serene Setting

“Lions…check, golden light….check, rainbow….check.We had a great time atEncounter MaraThank you to the team there!”

Credits:Atkinson Photography and Safaris


A Lion’s Roar

Is there anything more visceral than the sound and feel of a lion roaring a few feet away from you? Listen to this!

Credits:Sharon Taylor atEncounter Mara


As The Sun Sets, We Play!

A playful bunch of cubs just having some early morning fun close toNaboisho Camp– so special!

Credits:Roelof Schutte


Now That’s A Huge Cat-Scratch

Some very playful lions seen on game drive this week atNaboisho Camp!

Credits:Naboisho Guest, Rica Linders


The Teeniest Tiniest Cubs

These two cubs are learning the ropes of what it means to be a lion in the harsh African wilderness – there are twists and turns around every corner, even mum can be scary sometimes!

Credits: Olakira Camp

We would love to welcome you to our camps in Kenya and Tanzania, come and spend some time with the lions of East Africa on your next safari! Make an enquiry below or get in touch with your usual travel partner to help you plan your trip.

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