Responsible Tourism Tanzania: Asilia’s SEED Accreditation

By Asilia Africa News | 20 August 2019

By Anwynn Louw, Digital Marketing Assistant

“Responsible Tourism Tanzania is an association of voluntary members who believe in a sustainable approach to tourism in Tanzania”.

We are incredibly proud to share with you our recent camp accreditations from Responsible Tourism Tanzania – a total of eight camps that have been awarded the Responsible Tourism Tanzania (RTTZ) Tree level rating include:Dunia, Kimondo Migration Camp, Namiri Plains, Oliver’s, Little Oliver’s, Olakira Migration Camp, Sayari and Ubuntu Migration Camp.

Seed Level

Seed Level is the first entry-level accreditation offered. The criteria within this level illustrate the company’s interest in adopting the triple bottom line to sustainability approach, this approach includes social, environmental and financial impacts. These criteria introduce the framework for responsible management and policy development, as well as prepare the member to plan and monitor their overall impact. This initial step plants the seed for a responsible business future.

Sapling Level

At this stage, the company has successfully adopted the principles of a triple bottom line approach and has now started to implement these into their daily operation. During this stage employees receive al the necessary training. Systems and procedures are put in place to document and provide feedback on the new policies and the positive impacts on the company’s management, directors and as well as the public.


Having run a sustainable and responsible operation for some time, the business can now prove that they have fully integrated a responsible tourism approach in their daily operations. Various structures and procedures are in place to monitor and redirect the operations and all the employees thoroughly understand the triple bottom line approach.

We are immensely proud to have eight of our camps rated with the seed accreditation.


Now as a shining example of a responsible tourism company, the business can promote and influence partners and suppliers to adopt responsible practices, while making a positive impact within their area of operation.

This accomplishment is proofthat our working culture and daily operations have fully taken on a responsible and sustainable approach. Learn more about our Responsible Tourism Awards here.

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