Secret Safari Season : Ol Pejeta Bush Camp

By Asilia Africa News | 23 February 2018

By Britta Foulis

The months of February and March can often be seen as “off-season” in the safari world – and this couldn’t be further from the truth! The reality is that there’s still plenty to see and do at Ol Pejeta during these months.

Ol Pejeta – Hidden Surprises

Visit Ol Pejeta Bush Camp from January through to the end of March and this is what you can expect; clear blue skies, hot African days, and cool evenings spent by the fire. It’s a blissful time, and usually described by our team at the camp as one of theirfavourite seasons of the entire year!

Clear skies and sunny days at Ol Pejeta Bush Camp.

Ol Pejeta has superb wildlife year-round, with all of the Big 5, plus so much more. You’ll find the following species year-round: southern white rhino, black rhino, northern white rhino, lion, leopard, cheetah, buffalo, elephant, zebra, giraffe, eland, Jackson’s hartebeest, Grevy’s zebra.

This Month is for the Birders!

Palearctic birds are found within the conservancy in abundance. These are birds which migrate from an area which stretches across all ofEurope, north of Asia from theHimalayas,North Africa, as well as the northern and central parts of theArabian Peninsula.

This is undoubtedly an excellent time of year for aquatic birds to make their appearances, too – terns, shovellers, snipes, spoonbill, and pelicans are regularly seen during these months of the year.

The unusual looking Spoonbill is seen near Ol Pejeta during the months of March & April. Photo credit: Wikimedia

Zebra Crossing

February isa wonderful month for zebra fans to visit Ol Pejeta as the zebra flock to the area to have their young. The sight of sweet, fluffy zebra foals exploring their new world is usre to warm any heart.

Spending time with zebra and their young is truly something special. Photo credit: Africa Dream Safaris

The promise of huge flocks of white storks arriving in the area is another natural phenomenon that is unforgettable when seen in person. The sheer greatness of their numbers is unbelievable and a truly magnificent sight.

The beauty of nature is clearly evident in the Ol Pejeta Conservancy in February. The delicate flower of the Euclea bushes is one example of the beauty that this area in Kenya has to offer.

Taking A Walk On The Wild Side

The months between January and March are the clearest months in the year to view Mount Kenya – or to climb it.

Views of Mount Kenya are the best during these months of the year. Photo credit: All East Africa

If you’re feeling up to the challenge, we would recommend booking your climb between these months and ending off the trip with a relaxing stay at Ol Pejeta Bush Camp to round the experience off in the best way possible.

For any photographers reading this, this is the best time for you to stay with us and get the perfect shot of Mount Kenya and the area itself, too.

Join us at Ol Pejeta Bush Camp – we would love to welcome you!

It’s clearly a magical time to visit Ol Pejeta. We would love to welcome you and give you a safari experience that will remain in your heart forever!

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